Free education presentation templates

Make out-of-this-world teaching materials with Genially’s free education presentation templates. Choose from hundreds of interactive slides for teachers to bring learning to life in class and online.

Too busy teaching classes or grading papers to even think about planning your next lesson? Genially’s got you covered. In collaboration with top educators, we’ve created a range of free classroom slides and easy to edit education slide templates. 


Each template contains fun and engaging slides for online learning or in-class lessons. The school themed designs are ready made and easy to customize for any grade, school, or subject. On top of that, every classroom presentation template on this page is totally free to use.

Unlike a standard PowerPoint presentation or Google Slides, Genially presentation templates are interactive and designed for student centered learning. 


Interactive buttons and pop-ups allow students to click and explore information at their own pace. Labels, audio and video clips help you present in a format that’s accessible for everyone. Bite-size chunks of information make the course easier to follow. Plus it’s a lot more engaging for learners than a solid block of text.  


Genially templates are perfect for visual learners. Colorful animations bring topics to life on the screen and prevent students nodding off at the back of the class. To illustrate your materials, choose from hundreds of drag-and-drop icons, diagrams, interactive maps and graphics in the intuitive editor.


You don’t need any artistic skills to use Genially. Our school presentation templates are ready-made with fun and popular themes like outer space, animals, science, and history. 


That's why millions of teachers and students around the world use Genially to create gorgeous, fun and informative school presentations. A “genially” is a presentation, but it’s a world away from PP!

Yes! Genially education presentation templates give you a lesson framework that’s easy to customize to your curriculum. Try adding images and diagrams from Genially’s in-built bank of resources. Or make an incredible audiovisual presentation with voiceover, video, audio and maps.


In a few clicks, you can create a learning experience so immersive your students will forget they’re at school. Genially is compatible with tons of online platforms. That means you can embed educational content from all your favorite sites like YouTube , Spotify, Google Earth, Wikipedia and more. 


Don’t worry if you’re no design whizz: everything’s set up for you. Just drop your course material straight into the free template and you’ve got ready-made class slides in minutes. 

Genially is as simple to use as other online presentation tools. Choose a teaching template and click Use template. You’ll be asked to quickly sign up for a free account if you’re new here. Select the slides you want to use, customize with your class material, then publish


Present your genially live at the front of the class or share your screen if you’re teaching online. If your students work on laptops or tablets, simply share the link so they can access the slides individually. You can also add the presentation to your learning platform, or post in channels like Microsoft Teams, or Google Classroom.