Make amazing animated and interactive infographics

Interactive infographics make any data or process memorable and easy to understand. With Genially, creating infographics is free and easy. Plus, they’re full of interactivity and animation.

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Click-to-explore visuals

With Genially’s free interactive infographic maker, it’s easy to turn facts and figures into eye-catching visuals that your audience can explore one click at a time. Bring data to life – and tell a compelling story.

Interactive elements like popup windows, animations and video help you make complex topics accessible and easier to understand. Discover how interactive formats are more engaging, informative and user-friendly!

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Build a stunning design in minutes

Genially’s free interactive infographic software is easy to use and packed with beautiful resources and templates. You don’t need any technical skills – it’s as simple as making a presentation.

Choose from thousands of icons, illustrations, buttons, smartblocks, diagrams and color palettes. It’s easy to make animated infographics too. Add timed and click-trigger animations for showstopping results without coding or motion graphic software.

Make your infographic interactive

Add clickable elements and mouseover effects to your design in one click. No-coding required!

Hotspot Labels

Hotspot Labels

Use labels to annotate your infographics with contextual information. They appear when users hover over a hotspot. Magic!

Rich Media

Visual Effects

Quizzes & Surveys

Drag and Drop

The benefits of interactive infographics

Discover how interactive visuals can increase engagement, enhance audience understanding, and boost brand awareness.


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Better information retention

The combination of text, multimedia, kinetic and visual elements helps learners understand and remember what they’ve learned.





Easy-to-use infographic creator

Brand Kit

Upload your logos, fonts and brand colors to add them to designs in one click.

Diagramming tool

Map out information flows with arrows, connectors, shapes, and pre-built graphics.


Record a voiceover, upload audio files from your device, or embed online content.

Real time collaboration

Teamwork makes the dream work. Co-edit designs with others in real time.

Unique link

Every genially has its own URL. Share the link for your audience to explore just like a website.

Activity analytics

See how people are engaging with your content with stats on daily visits, page views and interactions.

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The most seamless tool to create some amazing infographics!


Unlike static infographics, interactive infographics contain clickable elements that your target audience can actively engage with and explore. Interactive elements include animations, audio, video, pop-up windows, hover-over labels, CTAs and built-in quizzes.


The advantage of interactive infographics is that it makes content more engaging and accessible. By using pop-up boxes and labels, you can break complex information down into bite size chunks. This reduces information overload, giving people time to read and process the content at their own pace.


For Marketing and Communications, interactive infographics can increase brand awareness and engagement rates. People spend more time interacting with the page, and are more likely to share the content. If you work in Learning and Development, interactive materials can contribute to better learning outcomes and course completion rates. Genially’s interactive infographic website is free and easy to use. Sign up to create your first online design!


Old-school printed infographics tend to be A4 dimensions, but online infographics are much more versatile. In Genially you can choose from multiple canvas sizes including desktop-friendly, square, mobile and vertical infographics.   


A great infographic should be clear and informative, conveying your message in a format that’s relevant to your target audience. It also needs to be visually appealing. This means using color and a structured design to transmit ideas in an eye-catching way.


Don’t go overboard on the text. While it’s good to include titles and short descriptions, the visual content should do the heavy lifting. The best infographics simplify complex information in a concise way and engage the viewer with a compelling narrative. For real life examples, check out our data visualization and visual storytelling guides.


When you create an infographic in Genially, it gets its own unique link. Simply share this link on social media, online platforms, Whatsapp or via email. It’s also easy to embed your infographics on web pages, blog posts or your LMS. You can also download in multiple formats, including interactive PDF or HTML for viewing offline.

Genially’s interactive infographic generator enables you to create all kinds of graphics including:


  1. Data infographics

A data infographic is a visual representation of statistics and numerical information. They’re useful for reporting and decision-making as they help you spot trends, patterns and insights. Examples of data infographics include bar charts, heatmaps, pictographs, dashboards, line graphs and radial or pie charts.


  1. Comparative infographics

A comparison infographic is a visual representation that juxtaposes two subjects to highlight their similarities and differences. It’s a valuable tool for making side-by-side comparisons. Examples include Pros and Cons lists, Before and After graphics and Product comparisons. 


  1. Diagrams

Diagrams break down complex topics using icons, shapes, arrows and charts. Examples of interactive diagram infographics include venn diagrams, flow charts, tree diagrams, organizational charts and other types of canvas.


  1. Maps 

Interactive map infographics present geographic data in a visual, user-friendly and accessible format. They’re a great tool for social media, journalism and blogs, content marketing, and history and geography lessons. Readers can interact with the map exploring the markers and layers. 


  1. Other infographic formats

Interactive infographics can be used in endless ways, to represent any kind of data or information in a graphical format. Examples of creative infographics include visual resumes, recipe cards, digital posters and customer testimonials. Check out our free infographic templates for inspiration!