Free pitch deck templates

Showcase your startup, project or product with these free pitch deck templates. With pro design and pre-built animations and interactions, it’s easy to make a standout deck that will wow investors.

Unlike a standard online presentation that you read slide by slide, a Genially pitchdeck is interactive – just like a website. The responsive elements, clickable buttons, pop-ups, links, and animations get your audience actively engaged with the content. That means your clients and investors will spend longer reading, and there’s less chance of them switching off. 


An interactive pitch presentation also gives you more creative freedom and communication options. Instead of static text boxes and run-of-the-mill charts, inject some personality with a video outlining your competitive advantages. Or make your business data accessible and easy to digest with mouse-over tooltips, pop-up windows, audio explainers and bite-size nuggets of info.


Then there’s the key – but often overlooked – part of a good pitch deck: the numbers. Complex financial data is notoriously tricky to present in a clear, informative and entertaining way. All too often, you find a couple of financial projections and boring cash flow slides hidden at the end of the deck. 


That’s why every Genially pitch template contains animated infographics and interactive charts. You can put your key metrics center stage and share insights in an attractive and accessible format. As a result, it’s easier to prove that your company has growth potential and scalability.

Just like an elevator speech, a winning investor deck or sales deck should tell people who you are, what you do, why you’re different (your USP), what you’re looking for, and what’s in it for them! To be persuasive it needs to cover all the key points in a concise, memorable, and super professional format. 


Genially templates give you a ready-made pitch deck outline that’s easy to customize to your product, project, or startup. Choose the best pitch deck template to showcase your brand and vision, then click Use template. If you haven’t used Genially before, you’ll be asked to quickly create a free account. Select which slides you want to include and you’re off: edit the text, switch up the color scheme, drop in images, embed online content, and populate the charts with data directly from your spreadsheets. 


When you’re ready to launch, click Publish. Your deck is now live and ready to share. Try one of our free startup pitch deck templates and get ready to sign the deal on your next investment round!

Asking for business investment is never easy, but it’s a lot easier with a powerful and persuasive pitch deck. Looking for Silicon Valley VC funding to scale your startup? Pitching your product or service in a new market? Maybe you need stakeholder buy-in for your latest project.


Even if you’re no design whizz, you can dazzle clients, smash your sales targets, and attract investors with Genially’s free pitch deck templates. The interactive slides include animated graphics and powerful data visualization to help you engage your audience and present your business model with an impactful story.


Each of our business pitch templates is easy to customize for any stage of the business lifecycle. Present your go-to-market strategy with a proposal presentation ahead of launch. Unveil your latest product range to clients with a gorgeous sales deck template, or present your big idea with an elevator pitch template that helps you stand out from the crowd.


Genially’s professional designs are pre-built with no-code animations and interactions, enabling anyone to whip up an impressive pitch deck presentation in minutes. You don’t have to rely on your in-house designer (if you’re lucky enough to have one!). And there’s no need to hire an agency. Every startup pitch deck on this page is ready to use and 100% free.