We created Genially because Genially didn’t exist

We are the most versatile tool for creating all kinds of amazing content. Our mission is to give anyone and everyone the tools to create visual and interactive content. That's why we want to make interactive content the new norm, one as common as saying “Hi!” or looking both ways before crossing the street.


At this moment, in every country in the world, someone is using Genially

Three members of the Genially team in the office

Where we come from

Our Story

In 2015, we wondered: If technology has changed the world, why do we continue to communicate with the same tools we have always used? And voila, Genially was born. We created Genially in Spain with the aim of making communication interactive. Since then, we have grown a lot and have achieved the most difficult goal: Now anyone can create what they never thought they could.

Collage with photos of the Genially team


We are a team of good people

We went from 10 to 100 people in the blink of an eye, and we’re a team that continues to grow. We have a lot of fun with what we do, and it shows. We are fortunate to work surrounded by talent and positivity.

Our values

We’re young, but we’ve got our heads on straight

We’d prefer to give up a paid vacation before giving this up

Our focus is on people. We are empathetic and warm. We have a strong connection with the people we learn from every day and those we bring value to.

We are a team, but above all, we are a community of millions of amazing people around the world. We are multifaceted and diverse.

We enjoy facilitating the creation of new and impressive things and bringing out the genius everyone has inside them. We just don’t get creativity without fun.

We revolutionized the way we communicate and left a mark. We are idealists and trailblazers. We know that what we do is different and sets trends.

We show who we are. No fine print. We are authentic and honest. We like to break the mold and prove that there is another way of doing things.

Illustrations of Allys (characters from the Genially universe) circling the globe


A giant network with lots of genius

Genially is not just a team. Behind the scenes, you’ll find people who are such big fans that they’ve become ambassadors. Others offer workshops and classes on the platform and other topics of interest or collaborate with the initiatives we’ve put in place. This community is on the move!