Create an online escape room

At Genially, we call ideas experiences. Now you can bring your escape rooms to life, creating engaging adventures in a matter of minutes. The online world is brimming with limitless possibilities.


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A team of young people playing a scape room game


Escape to the digital world

Crafting virtual escape games has never been so straightforward. With no tech skills required, all you'll have to do is choose a template that fits the adventure you want to depict, integrate challenges and puzzles, and voilà, you’ve got an escape game.


Easy, right? Now it's time to solve it and escape!

Online scape room template edition


Who said learning had to be boring?

Nothing enhances learning more than a visual and participatory adventure.


By solving problems and making decisions, you can combine education and fun equally with easy-to-create educational and interactive escape rooms.

Steps for creating and publishing an escape room template

How to create a virtual escape room

5 simple steps

Sign up for Genially.

Choose a template that fits your narrative.

Add animations, interactivity, and gamified elements.

Customize the design to the style of your adventure.

Publish and share your escape room.

Image of platform integrations that you can embed and integrate into your Genially: LinkedIn, Typeform, Figma, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Drive, X and Instagram.



Genially is the perfect tool for your needs


Add layers of information to your content with video, audio, quizzes and other clickable elements.


Grab your audience's attention with timed or click animations, transitions and stunning visual effects.

Rich media

Embed YouTube, Google Maps and content from other platforms directly into your designs.

Privacy controls

Choose who can access content with public and private publishing options.

Sharing options

Embed your designs on any platform or website, or share the link via email or social media.


Choose from multiple formats: interactive PDF, JPG, HTML, SCORM package or MP4 video.

An escape room is an interactive game where participants solve puzzles to achieve a goal, sometimes within a limited time or with limited attempts.

Educational escape rooms promote critical thinking, collaboration, and playful learning, making the educational process more engaging.

No, creating escape rooms in Genially is intuitive and requires no prior knowledge; you just need to select a template and add information.

Absolutely. Virtual escape games are an excellent tool for team building in corporate environments. They help improve collaboration, communication, and problem-solving among team members, all while having fun together. Genially offers customizable templates that you can adapt to meet your company's specific needs.

Absolutely, Genially allows you to integrate images, videos, audio, and other multimedia elements to enrich your game. You can also set passwords and lock stages of the game that require other stages to be completed beforehand.