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Genially is the world’s leading tool for interactive content creation. Since 2015 we’ve been enabling teachers to make fun and engaging classroom materials – and empowering students to create incredible digital projects. Sign up to discover what everyone’s talking about!

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Create engaging click-and-play materials

From interactive maps with pop-up windows to drag-and-drop games with secret codes, Genially enables students and educators to create dynamic and clickable education resources. Get your class switched on, motivated, and actively participating in learning.

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You have created a tool adapted to the times we live in. Teachers are reenergized and excited again; it has encouraged pedagogy and given it a fresh start. Congratulations

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Justo García

Teacher at El Pilar (Valencia)

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Student-centered, asynchronous learning

Foster autonomous learning with personalized materials that learners can explore one click at a time. Deliver information in bite-sized chunks that combine visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements in one multimodal and accessible format.

Better information recall

When presentations include active participation, learners remember up to 70% of information 3 days later.

More cognitive connections

Students are more likely to create cognitive connections when information is presented in a multimodal format.

Enhanced learning outcomes

Active learning and flipped classroom methods are proven to be more effective than lecture-based lessons.


Turn any assignment into an exciting mission

Gamification gives students a fun and safe space to test out ideas and develop their problem-solving skills. With Genially, it’s easy to introduce game mechanics such as challenge, competition, anticipation and reward to any subject, for any grade or key stage.

Lidia Makers

I love how I can create escape rooms or interactive interfaces that look like video games in a very easy way.

Lidia Makers


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Bring your curriculum to life with multimedia

Keep students in one place with everything accessible via a single link. Enrich lesson materials with YouTube and Flip videos, Google Maps, music, audio, PDFs, docs, Wikipedia entries and other online media embedded directly in your design. It works just like a website!

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Build your own quizzes and games

Use open and closed questions, voiceover, sound effects, animations, drag-and-drop, and the draw-on-the-canvas feature to create fun and dynamic assessment materials. Review content, reinforce learning and check what students have learned.

Over 3.4 million teachers in 190 countries are creating incredible interactive learning experiences with Genially. Join the community!

An all-in-one workspace for staff and students

Get your entire school creating incredible interactive content in one easy-to-use, secure and collaborative workspace.

Shared Workspace


Foster teamwork

In the shared workspace educators and students can share resources and collaborate on designs in real time. Organize projects, create templates, add your school branding and more.

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Secure & Certified

Various LMS platforms: Teams, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Moodle, Microsoft 365


Easy to assign and share materials

Geniallys are easy to share with students, colleagues and parents. Share the unique link, assign activities via Google Classroom, embed on your Learning Management System, download as an MP4 video, interactive PDF, JPG, SCORM package, or HTML for offline interactivity.

Eric Chamberlin

In all my time working in EdTech, I don’t think I’ve found a tool that can do as much as Genially.

Eric Chamberlin


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Get Genially for your school or district

Empower staff and students to collaborate on interactive learning resources and foster a digital creator culture across your entire school. Get in touch with our Education Team to set up a quick demo and find out about our school and district-wide licenses.

How your school can use Genially

Lesson delivery

Create incredible interactive teaching resources for in-class, remote, or asynchronous learning settings.


Energize students and consolidate learning with game-based challenges based on instant feedback loops.

Formative assessment

Deepen understanding and give students the chance to practice and recall what they’ve learned.


Reduce admin and make sure everyone is up to date with living documents, live course timetables, calendars and lesson plans.


From online newsletters to Meet the Teacher presentations, geniallys are easy to share with parents and update at any time.

Student projects

Prepare students for the future with creative project work that develops their teamwork and digital design skills.

Image of Jornea Armant Head of Engagement at Microsoft Flip

From creating interactive stories to virtual tours and presentations, the possibilities are truly endless.


Jornea Armant

Head of Engagement at Microsoft Flip

Yes! Genially is compliant with GDPR – the strictest data protection rules in the world, as well as FERPA and COPPA legislation. Learn more about our Security and Privacy policies in the Trust Center.

It is! Anyone can sign up to Genially and use it for free, with access to hundreds of pre-built templates plus all interaction and animation settings. 

Genially offers multiple paid plans for individuals and teams – with both teacher and student seats. Premium features include access to the entire gallery of 1400+ templates, Activity tracking, Brand Kit and downloads. 

Absolutely. We offer individual, team, school, and district-wide licenses. As part of our Genius Centers program you can get Genially access for staff and students across multiple departments, sites and centers, along with 1:1 support and training. Contact our Education team to find out more. 

Yes! The Genially Workspace allows you to create and co-edit projects with students and coworkers in real time. You can also manage multiple groups of students from one account, and organize classes in designated spaces. 

From making a quick class quiz to designing an entire interactive curriculum, Genially gives you the tools to create all kinds of learning materials. Deliver fun and engaging classes, create interactive experiences for your students, plan courses, create formative assessments and more. You can also get students to design their own Genially projects. For ideas and inspiration, check out our Teachers’ Kit

Genially allows you to design content that’s compatible with screen readers and keyboard navigation. The Accessibility button also allows you to add ALT Text, link descriptions and headings in just one click.

The Genially community includes everyone from Junior High students to professional Learning Designers. It’s easy to use at your own pace and level! The drag-and-drop interface works like other presentation tools so it’s simple to find your way around, and there are heaps of templates to help you get started. To develop new design skills, check out our free courses in Genially Academy.