Free infographic templates

Turn facts and figures into engaging visuals with these free infographic templates. Genially infographics are animated and interactive so you can make beautiful, clickable designs in moments. 

Transform complex concepts and ideas into eye-catching visuals with our range of free infographic templates. If you’re new to infographics, they’re a visual form of content that combines text and images. In today’s world of information overload and short attention spans, infographics are becoming increasingly popular. They’re an essential tool in media and communications, enabling journalists and content marketers to tell visual stories and increase engagement.


For businesses and NGOs, infographic presentations are a fantastic format for conveying data and project management processes in a clear way. If you work in teaching or training, they’re a powerful learning aid too. Diagrams, mind maps, list infographics, and timelines are more accessible for learners than a block of solid text or numbers. 


A great infographic makes it easy to understand information at a glance. The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional information designer to make an infographic. Browse our free designs for business infographics, interactive world maps, medical infographics, comparison charts, step infographics and more. Within minutes, anyone can create an impressive online infographic that will enhance your presentations, social media, and marketing campaigns. 


Genially’s infographic slide templates are easy to edit and customize, whether you work in a school, large organization, or small business. Choose from hundreds of types of infographics including free vector infographic templates, pre-built interactive charts, process infographic templates and more.

An interactive infographic contains buttons, pop-up windows, and responsive elements that your audience can click on, just like a website. Old-school infographics tend to be flat, 2D designs. Like a poster, they’re nice to look at, but not especially engaging. In contrast, Genially’s free infographic templates include pre-built interactions and animated graphics that move on the screen. As well as being more eye-catching, dynamic designs help you make concepts easier to grasp.


The main advantage of interactive infographics is that they get people interested and actively engaged in what they’re reading. On top of that, it’s easier to break information down into bite-size chunks with mouse-over labels and pop-up windows. This means a better user experience and visual design, as you can share snippets of information without crowding the screen.


With the Genially infographic maker, you’re not limited to text and pictures. Try adding video, music, sound effects, GIFs and more to create an immersive, multimedia content experience.

Genially’s intuitive interface enables anyone to make impressive, interactive infographics without coding or design skills. 


Start by choosing the best infographic presentation template for you and click Use template. Once you’ve logged in to Genially, you’re ready to start editing your design. The infographic maker is easy to use with drag and drop tools, preset color palettes, and tons of visual resources.


Our presentation templates are designed to help you make a cool infographic, very quickly. However, you’re free to get creative and customize the design. Choose from hundreds of icons, shapes, buttons, symbols and images from the bank of resources. Or make your own custom infographics by using the template as a framework for your own, original design. 


When you’re happy with the result, click Publish. Your online infographic is now live and ready to share. Add it to your presentation slides, social media, website, or learning management platform. Grab a template and give it a try today!