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Wanting to be part of something great

Can you help us accomplish our mission? We want to help everyone create amazing interactive content. And we’ve got good news: we’re making great headway. Plus: We’re growing fast but without losing our essence. If these things get you revved-up too, this is the place for you.

Team working and collaborating

Why join Genially?

We stick together
An awesome team, a dream team, a family. That's Genially. We feel trust and admiration for the people around us, and we always support each other.


Very remote, very friendly
Part of the team works from Spain, but we also work from places like the United States, France, Brazil and Chile. We never stop moving.


No matter when
We're convinced that collaborative work is the key to success. We organize our tasks as a team and also at our own pace, with a flexible schedule.


Diversity and inclusion
We strive to build a diverse and equal workplace that makes everyone feel welcome.

Don’t see a role that fits you?

It could come along any minute now. Write to us so we can get to know you. Here’s a tip: We’d love to see your resume created with Genially!

Nube de palabras con las que el equipo de Genially describe la herramienta

“Define Genially in a word”

Besides awesome, of course

We all did this exercise. The highlights were team, family, and fun. We love this because it means that our culture is alive and we communicate it well. We are lucky to do what we love most every day with talented, curious, and wonderful people.

Father working from home alongside his daughter

People first

More than a job

We work without forgetting to enjoy ourselves. We respect your personal time. Oh, and no need to worry if your kid yells in the background during a video call.


We make talent shine

We learn something new every day. We believe in continuous training and developing our skills with classes and workshops.


Community impact day

We organize days of community outreach with local NGOs or charity initiatives to take action against the problems facing today’s world. 


victoria soto

Genially is made with people at the center of every decision, and I am proud to be part of this amazing team.

Victoria Soto