Make an interactive image in moments

Turn images into engaging media-rich content with Genially’s free interactive image maker. Add hotspots to photos, maps, diagrams, product specs and even GIFs! Convert static pictures into click-to-explore visuals with video, audio, links and more.

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Add hotspots to any image

Make images clickable by adding interactive hotspots to different areas of the picture. Add popup windows, text labels, audio descriptions, close-up images ... you choose what happens when your audience clicks!


Multimedia popups

Embed video, audio, links and third-party web content directly inside an image. Design interactive experiences with content from your favorite platforms like Google Maps, YouTube and Wikipedia.


Enrich pictures with text layers

Annotate images with contextual information in a user-friendly format. From a short label to an embedded PDF, it’s easy to add text to images and photos without overloading readers.


Animated markers

Show people what to click on with eye-catching hotspot markers that pulse on the screen. Choose from hundreds of buttons, CTAs and vector icons with cool animations to make your image pop.


Easy-to-use editor

With Genially’s drag-and-drop editor, making an interactive image is as simple as making a slide. Mark up pictures, customize the design, and add interactions and animations in a couple of clicks.

All-in-one design toolkit

Drag-and-drop resources

Choose from thousands of photos, illustrations, background colors, fonts and icons.


Adjust the size and dimensions, and combine multiple images in a collage or graphic design. 

Hands-on learning

Add fun drag-and-drop elements, paint-on-the-canvas tools, quizzes, games and puzzles.

Real-time collaboration

Co-edit interactive images with others and organize team projects in shared spaces. 

Brand Kit

Create on-brand images with your logo, colors, fonts and design assets at your fingertips.

Engagement analytics

See how many people have viewed and clicked on your image with Analytics and User Tracking. 


Engage your audience with interactive images

From immersive teaching materials to virtual travel guides, discover the benefits of interactive photos and images.


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Recreate real-life scenarios

Simulate real workplace situations in an online learning environment. Combine clickable visuals with branching scenarios and gamification to design interactive training, onboarding, and health and safety materials that click with learners.



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Share your image anywhere

Embed online

Embed your interactive image directly on your website, blog or learning platform, post it on social media, or add it to an interactive slide deck.

Share the link

A Genially interactive image has its own unique url, just like a website! Share the link or post it on your collaboration platform for everyone to access.


Download your interactive image in HTML so it still works offline, or download as a SCORM-compatible package for your LMS.

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My go-to tool when creating creative content. Interactive formats are definitely more successful: more views, interactions, and follow through

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Genially in a nutshell

How do I make an interactive image? Find the answers to all of your design questions here!

An interactive image is a digital photo, illustration or picture containing clickable buttons, links, and audiovisual content. When you hover or click on an interactive image hotspot, it triggers something to happen or appear on the screen. Think popup windows, music, text, images, sound effects, or cool animations and games that get your audience actively involved in the content. 


With Genially, you can make any type of image interactive: screenshots, selfies, photos, maps, diagrams, floor plans, product specifications, graphic designs and more. You’re not limited to static pictures: try creating an interactive GIF or animated GIF.


Genially is a free alternative to ThingLink, allowing anyone to make images interactive and animated in a couple of clicks. Build your own design on a blank canvas, or browse the Template Gallery for ideas and inspiration.

It’s easy to make an image interactive or make a photo clickable by adding hotspots. Just upload your image to Genially, choose where you want to place the hotspots, then add interactions, links, or embedded content.


For a great user experience, use animated hotspot markers to show people what to click on. If you want to hide clues or games in your image, add an invisible Interactive Area.

With Genially, it’s easy to embed interactive images in WordPress, your CMS, publishing platform or website builder. Design your image in Genially and click Publish; this gives you a unique url for the image. 


Copy and paste this link into the Visual tab in WordPress and your interactive image will appear directly on your web page or blog. To speed up your workflow, try the Genially plug-in for WordPress.

Genially offers you multiple ways to add a link to an image, or make an image into a link! First up, choose which part of the image you want to add a hyperlink to. To highlight where the link is located, add an animated button, marker, icon or CTA. 


Now paste in the url or web address you want to link to. Choose whether you want the link to open inside the interactive image or in a new window in the web browser. Voilà!

For sure! In Genially you can make a JPG, GIF, SVG or PNG interactive. To make an interactive JPG, upload your image and then add interactive elements such as buttons, hyperlinks, text, video, music or animations.

Good news - you don’t need to use HTML or CSS to create a clickable image. Genially is a free no-code tool for creating image maps in seconds. 

In a couple of clicks, you can add interactive hotspots and rich media to photos, illustrations, diagrams, GIFs and other visuals. No need to calculate coordinates, define area tags, img elements or img src - just point, click, and done. It’s fast, intuitive, and easy to update content at any time.

Want to put a video inside a static image? Trying to embed a video inside a photo? You can do it for free in Genially, without writing a single line of code. 

Just add an image to the canvas then select an interactive pop-up window. Insert a video in the image by pasting in the video. Genially is compatible with YouTube, Vimeo and other video streaming platforms. 

When people click on the image, the video will appear in the pop-up box. Ready to play, right inside the image. Magic!

The best way to add audio to images, photos, maps, diagrams and illustrations is to use Genially’s free interactive image maker. In a couple of clicks, you can insert MP3 files, music, click-to-play audio descriptions, voice notes or sound effects into any image. 


To add a sound file to a JPG,GIF, SVG or PNG, just upload the image to Genially. Set the audio to play on loop in the background, or add an interactive hotspot with a click trigger. Add a play button to the image to show your audience what to click on.   


Genially offers you multiple ways to add audio to image files. Upload an MP3 from your device, record your own voiceover, or embed music directly into your image from Spotify, SoundCloud and other streaming platforms.