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Interactive course design for the future of learning

Empower teaching faculty and design teams to build innovative learning experiences. Drive student engagement with interactive materials for distance, hybrid, and in-person education.

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World-class course authoring

Genially gives Learning Design teams the tools to build interactive course modules quickly, easily, and at low cost. Create multimodal materials that can be tailored to every learning style, and adapted for synchronous or asynchronous delivery.

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Personalized learning that you can measure

Are students actively engaging with the course material? Would video or audio improve understanding? Quiz and question features and built-in engagement analytics show you what’s working and where you need to optimize.

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Skill up the next generation

The demand for content design and data visualization skills is growing in every profession, from Marketing to Education. Use Genially in class to equip students with digital communication skills for their future in the workplace.

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Stunning web content, without developers

Engage staff and current or prospective students with interactive calendars, digital brochures, virtual campus maps and beautiful microsites that can be made in minutes. Share the link, embed on your website, wiki, or LMS – and measure every click.

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Maikel Alendy

Genially has become an essential component in our instructional design toolkit.

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Maikel Alendy

Learning Design Innovation Manager, Florida International University

Key features for Higher Education

Everything you need to create exceptional learning experiences.

LMS compatible

University integrations in Genially

Seamless integration

LMS compatible

Genially content is easy to add your LMS as an iframe or SCORM package.




Brand kit

The tools to breathe life into learning

Rich media

Embed YouTube, Google Maps and content from other platforms directly into your designs.


Boost engagment with game-based elements such as challenge, reward and competition.


Grab your audience's attention with timed or click animations, transitions and stunning visual effects.

Formative assessment

Encourage reflection and elicit responses with open, closed, and multiple choice questions.

Import slides

Import from PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slides. Transform static into beautifully interactive.


Add hover and click interactions, pop-ups, hotspots, drag-and-drop, hide/reveal and more.

Young university students working on a computer


Roll out Genially on your campus

Genially offers premium plans for teams of all sizes, from small design departments to international universities with multiple sites. Get a collaborative workspace with seats for designers, teaching faculty, administrators and students.

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