Free gamification templates

Engage your team or students with these fun and free gamification templates. Grab a pre-built design to create interactive quizzes and motivational e-learning games in minutes. Let’s play!

Heard about gamification but not sure how to implement it? You’re in the right place! Gamification means applying game-based principles to non-game activities. Game-based principles include things like challenges, puzzles, point scoring, competition with others, a sense of reward, and time pressure.


Humans love the fun and excitement of games. They get us fired up, more alert, and feeling positive and motivated. By introducing these concepts to teaching, training, and marketing, you can increase engagement, learning, and customer loyalty. 


You might think that gamification requires pretty advanced design or coding skills. That’s usually the case, but with Genially’s pre-built game templates, anyone can make online game-based materials. It’s as easy as making presentation slides.


Each of our templates is pre-built with sound effects, colorful animations, interactive questions, and fun challenges. In no time, you can put together great games, fun quizzes, and immersive e-learning materials.


All of our free gamification templates are made by professional graphic designers and inspired by the latest trends in interactive learning and video game design. The animated graphics create a fully immersive experience with cool visual effects and music. On top of that, the interactive elements are already set up. Just drop in your content and you’re ready to play.  

For years, teachers have known that games bring much-needed energy and fun to the classroom. From a simple game of hangman on the whiteboard to an end-of-course quiz, most educators use games as part of their teaching repertoire.


As well as being fun and motivating for students, game-based learning can enhance educational outcomes. That’s because the brain responds positively to competition, reward, and other game dynamics. As a result, students assimilate knowledge more easily and are more likely to retain information.


Gamification examples for education include online quizzes, escape games, breakouts and memory games. Next time you want to test students’ knowledge, try using an interactive quiz. Instead of paper-based revision exercises, give students a fun online challenge to see what they remember. To get started, browse the Genially template gallery for hundreds of online gamification ideas for education, schools, and universities.

Gamification is popular in corporate training and e-learning because it helps to drive engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. Thanks to its high click through rate and potential to boost customer loyalty and brand awareness, gamification is increasingly being utilized in the world of marketing too.


HR procedures and employee onboarding also benefit from game-based communication methods. Fun quizzes and interactive content help new hires grasp in-house policies and procedures quickly and easily. It’s more effective than asking staff to read a boring document. Plus, it will give newbies a great first impression of your company culture.


According to business experts, gamification also has the potential to enhance productivity, individual performance, and team building. Gamification examples for companies include online escape games, office quizzes, and work-related challenges. Try using an interactive online quiz to liven up a team meeting. Or introducing an online team challenge to set weekly goals and stir up a little friendly competition between colleagues.


To see the benefits of gamification for business, check out the Genially template gallery. You’ll find tons of free templates for innovative game-based slides, corporate quizzes and more.