Free education infographics

Bring visual learning to your class with our free education infographics for teachers. The templates have interactive buttons to get students engaged and animated designs to make subjects fun and accessible.

Every teacher knows that visual materials are key to helping students learn. A scientific process is easier to understand with an illustrated diagram. Vocabulary is more memorable when combined with images. Historical facts, abstract ideas, and stories come to life with pictures. 


No matter which school subject or age group you teach, educational infographics are a versatile learning tool. They fuse text and images into one, helping you engage students and make complex information accessible and easier to digest. 


The only problem? It’s time consuming. When you’re stretched to the max with classes, homework grading, and admin, you might not have time to create visual resources from scratch. That’s why we’ve created a range of free education infographic templates especially for teachers. With pre-built layouts and designs, anyone can whip up fabulous online teaching resources in minutes (even if you’re a math professor, not a graphic design teacher).

Educational infographics are a versatile classroom resource that every teacher should have in their toolkit. There are loads of ways to use them. List infographics are brilliant for helping students grasp key ideas. Try a colorful Top 10, Did You Know, or Fun Fact list infographic template. Bring geography, the environment, or other global topics to life with an infographic map template or around the world infographic.


Different designs work better for different age groups. For those who work in an elementary or junior high school, check out our timeline templates, classroom rules, pictographs, and school certificates.


Perhaps you teach teenagers or undergrads? Browse the Genially gallery for higher education infographic ideas. Help students get their heads around a problem and investigate causes and effects with a problem tree template. Share this semester’s literature with an interactive reading list. Or present data, technology, and scientific information with an impressive data visualization.


Unlike static worksheets, classroom posters, and handouts, Genially education infographics are online and interactive. That means they contain clickable buttons and responsive elements. When students click on the screen, things appear like magic. That can be pop-up text windows to provide more context and information. Images that correspond with part of the design. Or fun sound effects, audio recordings, and video clips.


Interactive school infographics are ideal for hybrid, online, and e-learning. Whether your students work on tablets and laptops or you present at the front of the class, responsive designs help engage young minds and enhance learning.


That’s because interactive materials get students actively engaged in what they’re reading, no matter the topic. History of the Roman Empire? The life cycle of honeybees? Both become much more fun and appealing when illustrated with a cool, clickable infographic. These days, kids are used to consuming multimedia digital content outside of class. So interactive teaching materials offer a sure-fire way to maintain attention in class and spark interest in learning.


As well as boosting engagement, the responsive format allows you to break material down into bite-size chunks. Pop-ups, labels, and windows are more student-friendly than dense pages of text. Learners can explore the infographic one section at a time without being overwhelmed with information.


As well as being interactive, Genially’s teaching infographics include animated graphics that move on the screen. Flashing graphics, zooming arrows, and cool visual effects add color and interest to what would otherwise be a static diagram. Dynamic designs help you grab students’ attention and bring even the most dull subject to life.

Start by choosing one of our free school infographic templates, or browse the Genially template gallery for more education infographic examples. If it’s your first time using Genially, you’ll be asked to quickly create an account (it’s free!).


Once you’re inside the editor, it’s easy to customize the design to your course and curriculum. Add your own text, and select images, shapes and diagrams from Genially’s in-built bank of resources. The intuitive drag-and-drop tools are easy to use; it’s just like creating any kind of presentation slide.


When you’re ready for class, click Publish. Your education infographic is now online and ready to share however you like. Share the link with students, add to Google Classroom or your LMS, or present in class or online.