Free timeline templates

Make an infographic timeline in minutes with a free timeline template. Visualize project progress, historical events or your product roadmap using these animated, interactive designs.

An interactive timeline is a lot more engaging than a simple linear diagram. An interactive design timeline contains clickable milestones, popup boxes, and other responsive elements. Because your team members or students can click to explore the screen, they’ll be more focused on what they’re reading.


The other bonus is better visual design. An interactive timeline helps you avoid cluttering the screen. This feature is really helpful for teachers and educators. If you’ve ever tried to cram the entire history of Ancient Egypt onto one slide you’ll know what we’re talking about! Bite-size chunks of text in pop-up windows allow learners to follow each point one by one, without being overwhelmed with information.


Interactive design might sound complicated, but with Genially’s timeline infographics you don’t need any technical or design skills. Each template is pre-built with animated graphics and clickable buttons, so it’s just a case of filling in the blanks.


With Genially’s time line maker, you’re not limited to horizontal lines and text bubbles. For a really creative timeline, try adding video, sound effects, embedded maps and other online content for an immersive, audiovisual experience.

If you’re short on time, the fastest way to make a fabulous and creative timeline is to use a ready made outline. Browse Genially’s range of free timeline infographic templates to pick out what you need. Whether you’re looking for a vertical timeline, business plan timeline, Gantt chart or project timeline, there are loads of timeline themes to choose from. 


Click Use template and you’re ready to add your dates, figures, events, and information to the design. The Genially timeline maker is intuitive and easy to use. In fact, it’s as easy as making any kind of presentation slide. In a couple of clicks you can add images, change the color palette, add sound effects and more.


When you’re ready to share your timelines, it’s equally simple. Click Publish and your timeline is online and  ready to present, add to a slide deck, post on social media, embed on your website, or share via Google Classroom or your learning management system. Genially is an online platform so it’s easy to make edits or updates whenever you like. Everything is synced in real time and your audience will always see the latest version.

Want to outline the scope of your project or unveil a product roadmap? Teaching your class about historical events or planning a wedding? Chances are you want to create a timeline. But if you usually struggle with boxes and arrows in PowerPoint, stop right there. Browse our range of free timeline templates to make beautiful graphics that show events or specific tasks in chronological order. 


Genially’s free timeline templates are built by pro graphic designers, fast to edit, and easy to customize. They enable anyone to create project management timelines, business timelines, milestone charts and eye-catching horizontal timelines for presentations and slide decks.


Every design includes beautiful color palettes, cool graphics, and eye-catching animations that will add life to any business plan, project report, website or classroom presentation.