Free mind map templates

Brainstorm ideas and outline concepts with these free mind map templates. Animated designs help you illustrate information flows, and interactive buttons allow your audience to click and explore. 

Visualize connections between ideas and make information flows easier to grasp with Genially’s free mind map templates. They’re the perfect visual tool for organizing concepts and turning a brainstorm into a structured chart or visual presentation. 


Alongside their close cousin concept maps, mind maps are ideal when you need to illustrate the “big picture” alongside the links between information. This enables your audience to get a complete overview of a topic, together with all the finer details.


Genially’s online mindmap templates are customizable, built by pro graphic designers, and ready to help you plan projects, present business processes, deliver inspiring classes, or pull together creative ideas for marketing campaigns. Genially mindmaps are easy to share with your team or students: just add to a slide deck or presentation, post in your communication channels, or add to your online learning platform.


The best mind map for you will depend on the task at hand. A spider diagram template is a great format for a free-flowing brainstorm: place your central idea in the middle of the page with a web of nodes around the outside. Nodes are the individual boxes, ovals, or bubbles containing concepts or information.


Need something with a little more structure? Choose a flow map template or system map template to illustrate a hierarchy or network. This is useful for project management, employee onboarding, and communicating company procedures to your team.


If you work in education or e-learning, you might want to help students categorize ideas and information by theme or group. In this case, your best option is to create a concept map. 

You probably think of a mindmap as a static 2D diagram. Something like a series of boxes, lines and arrows on a PowerPoint slide. This approach works when you’re outlining basic ideas, but when you add a lot of text, the screen can become cluttered and difficult to read.


Genially’s simple mind mapping software allows you to make interactive, animated designs that your students, colleagues, or clients can click on. When your audience hovers their mouse or clicks on a category, a pop-up appears on the screen. This can be a text box, image, embedded video, diagram, or even music and audio!


A responsive mind map infographic is a great way to convey a large amount of information in an accessible, fun and concise format. Interactive buttons keep people’s attention, and animations help you make dry, technical information come to life on the screen. 

Genially is an online mind mapping tool for creating spider diagram infographics, mind maps, concept maps, diagrams, and other interactive visual content. The quickest way to make a creative mind map is to start by choosing one of our pre-built templates.

Don’t worry if you’re not the most artistic person on the planet. Genially concept map templates are ready-made with professional graphics and interactive buttons.


Each design is easy to customize in the mind map maker. In a couple of clicks you can change the preset color palette, add labels and text, or select images from Genially’s in-built bank of resources. Adjusting fonts, dimensions and visual elements is easy using the drag and drop tools.


All set? Click Publish and your mind map is online and ready to share wherever you like. Add the map to a presentation, slide deck or report, embed it on your website, or upload it to Google Classroom or your learning management system.