Free interactive quiz templates

Test students and motivate your team with these free interactive quiz templates. You get a pre-built online quiz game with fun animations and sounds: just add your own questions and answers!

We all hate tests, but everybody loves a good quiz! Quiz games are a tried-and-tested format for education, e-learning, and team-building. Whether you’re delivering corporate training or teaching a class full of kids, nothing beats a quiz for increasing engagement and boosting information recall.


The fastest way to make an online quiz for students or employees is to use a ready-made outline. With Genially’s free interactive quiz templates, anyone can make fun online quizzes in minutes.


The pre-built designs include interactive questions, animated graphics, and immersive sound effects for the right or wrong answers. All of our free quiz game templates are designed by professional graphic designers. That means you don’t need any artistic skills to make a beautifully designed quiz that looks great. Just add your content to the question slides, fill in the answers, and you’re ready to play.

If you work in education, a quiz presentation can help you make revision and evaluation more student-friendly. Class quizzes offer learners an engaging and exciting way to review what they’ve learned. It’s a great way to introduce an element of competition into the classroom without the stress and pressure of a test or formal exam.


For educational quiz ideas, take a look at the Genially template gallery. Try a trivia quiz template as an icebreaker or warm-up activity, a vocabulary quiz template for language classes, or a multiple choice game to recap other course topics. The online quiz maker is easy to use, and the quiz slides are easy to adapt for in-class, hybrid, or online lessons. With Genially, you can make a quiz for Google Classroom, front-of-class presentations, or other online learning platforms.


It’s not only kids who love quizzes. Adult learners respond to game-based tasks with enthusiasm. Seeing your quiz results or test scores pop up on the screen can be a powerful motivational factor.


That’s why quizzes are popular with instructional designers and training professionals. Adding a quiz to onboarding or corporate training modules is a simple and effective assessment method, allowing you to monitor comprehension and course completion.


Aside from education and e-learning, there are also heaps of ways to use quizzes for marketing and business. An interactive quiz is a great way to collect information about your customers and generate leads. Well-designed quizzes and polls can deliver a better click-through rate than static ads, while also boosting brand awareness. Looking to gamify your communications and ad strategy? Try embedding an interactive quiz on your website, social media, blog or marketing emails.

Genially is an easy-to-use platform for creating quizzes and other online content. The quickest way to get started is by using one of our ready-made templates. The Genially gallery includes a range of outlines for corporate quizzes, training materials, and classroom quiz presentations. Just choose your quiz theme (we’ve got everything from animals and music to sport and geography) then add your own questions and answers.


When you’ve chosen your quiz slides, click Use template. Each design is easy to customize in the online quiz maker thanks to Genially’s intuitive editing tools. In a couple of clicks you can switch the color palette, fonts, and styles. Keep things simple or create something really fun and immersive by adding GIFs, video and audio.


If you want to change the quiz design, select your own photos, illustrations, maps, diagrams and more from Genially’s in-built bank of resources. When you’re happy with the result, click Publish. Your online quiz is now ready to play!


There are multiple ways to share your online quiz. Present live to play as a class or team. Share the link via email or your communications platform to let learners play individually. Post the quiz on Google Classroom by adding the link to an assignment. Embed the quiz directly on your website or social media, or upload it to your LMS.