Free business infographics

Communicate beautifully with our free business infographic templates. With professional designs, interactive elements, and animated data visualization, it’s easy to make stunning infographics fast.

The beauty of infographics is that they translate complex information into easy easy-to-understand visuals. An interactive business infographic is even more powerful. Genially business infographics are fully responsive, allowing your audience to uncover information by clicking and interacting with the elements on the screen. 


That means you can deliver information in bite-size chunks using text windows, pop-up images, embedded charts, or even video and audio. As a result, heavy data becomes accessible and dense information becomes a whole lot more engaging for your audience. Your team, clients, or customers will be more interested and focused on what they’re reading. 


If you use social media infographics for digital marketing, interactive posts can help you achieve a higher engagement rate. As well as driving up your CTR, clickable content is fun and memorable. It can help you to stand out from the crowd and keep your brand top of mind.

The fastest way to get started is by using one of Genially’s free business infographic templates. The animated graphics and interactive buttons are already in place, so half the work has been done for you.


Adding your own content is easy. Edit the diagram labels to reflect inputs and outputs, the flow of data, or the sequence of steps in your business process. Populate the pre-built dashboards and charts with data from your online spreadsheets. Or try embedding maps, videos, and other online content directly into the slides.


Each template is designed to save you time and energy, but you’re free to customize the design however you like. Switch the color palette or add new vector images and diagrams from the resource bank. 


When you’re happy with the result, click Publish. Your data infographic is now online and ready to share. Add to a presentation or slide deck, embed directly on your training platform or website, share on social media or other online marketing channels. Ready to get started?

Corporate communication can be a pretty boring business. Presenting data flows, business processes, and company concepts in a visual format takes a bit of skill and creativity. 

Unless you have the luxury of an in-house graphic designer, you probably struggle to create visual materials. And if you’re running a small business, you’ll be doing everything yourself. Sound familiar?


With Genially’s free business infographic templates, anyone can make impressive company infographics and vivid data visualizations. You don’t need any design or tech skills, and the results are a world away from what you can put together in PowerPoint. 


Our free data infographic templates are pre-built by top information designers, with animated graphics and interactive elements. The structured designs are easy to customize, so you can quickly visualize data flows and present a high level overview of systems and projects. In a few minutes, even the most boring context diagram or technical data flow diagram (DFD) can be transformed into a cool and colorful project management resource.


Business infographics are brilliant for illustrating all kinds of information systems. If you’re in sales or marketing, try mapping out your customer journey, user journey, or inbound funnel. In the world of HR, infographics can help you explain employee bonus systems, OKRs, or company policies and procedures. For small business owners or startups, business goal infographics and business plan infographics are a powerful tool for communicating with investors and clients. 


Browse our range of free business infographic templates to find the perfect infographic design or data diagram for your company. They’re easy to use and 100% interactive.