Free online escape room templates

Unlock the secret to fun classes and training with these free online escape room templates. Make a digital escape game in minutes: each template is interactive, animated and complete with sound effects!

Ready to unlock the secret code and escape from the underground bunker? Can you find the hidden key to open the spaceship, or complete the special mission in time to save the planet? Students of all ages go nuts for online escape games and breakouts, and for good reason. They combine challenge, time-pressure, fantasy, puzzles, and riddles all in one.


Bring the excitement of a physical breakout game directly to your classroom, office, or online learning environment with these free escape room templates from Genially. Each template is pre-built by professional designers and easy to customize. You get a free digital escape room complete with interactive challenges, animated graphics, and cool sound effects.


Escape room puzzles and breakout classroom games are ideal for education, but they’re also great for training and team building. Whether the task involves escaping from a haunted house or figuring out a business dilemma, a digital escape game is an immersive, motivational tool for education and decision making.

Classroom escape room games and breakout edu games both have one key principle and that’s adventure. They reel students in with an exciting plot and some kind of mystery, puzzle, or problem that needs to be solved. Often in a race against time!


A virtual escape room is a scenario based in a locked or dangerous space that students must escape from. Similarly, a breakout game involves uncovering a key or secret code to open a safe or box to reach a prize. Both types of mission can be adapted to any school subject or topic.


Themed digital escape rooms are great for introducing a new topic at the start of a new course or semester. They’re great for developing cooperation and decision-making skills too. Put students in small groups and ask them to complete the challenge as a team, or assign each person a character in the game.


Online games with a breakout format are a handy tool for revision at the end of a module. Use the questions and clues to see what students remember from the course, or test their ability to put new skills into practice. Make sure to pitch the questions at the right level. Just like any great computer game, it’s a good practice to start with easier questions that get progressively challenging as students progress to the next level.

The quickest way to create your own digital game is to use a themed escape room template. The animated graphics and interactive buttons are already set up, so you don’t need any design or tech skills. Every online escape game on this page is 100% free and easy to customize. The only thing you have to do is add your own questions and answers.


Choose a design and click Use template to get started. If it’s your first time using Genially, you’ll be asked to create a free account. 


Now for the fun part: add your content and customize the game for your students or team members. The template is made of multiple pages, so you can easily edit each level of the game. It’s as easy as making presentation slides.


Want to make an online escape room that’s customized to your class, project, or company? No problem. Adapt any of the templates by adding your own backgrounds, images, color scheme, font, sound effects and more.


When you’ve finished editing the design, hit the Publish button and your escape room is online and ready to play.


How you play is entirely up to you. Present from the front of the room to play as a whole class. Or share the link with students so they can play on tablets or laptops. Let them play individually, or divide the class into small groups to promote teamwork skills.


You can also upload the game to your online learning management system, or even embed it on a website or social media. And if you want students to play the escape game in Google Classroom, just add the link to one of the assignments.