Free interactive card templates

Wish someone a happy birthday, surprise someone special with a love letter, or send invitations with these interactive cards. They’re 100% customizable. Choose the one you like best, create your own, and share it by email, WhatsApp, or however you want!

Interactive cards are online creations that include one or more interactive, i.e. clickable, elements. They usually include text and images and are designed to display content such as another image or special message when clicked. 


You can use interactive cards to create original invitations to your events, make your birthday invitation online, send out holiday greetings, or any other type of interactive invitation or wishes. The best part? If it’s interactive, it’s sure to get the attention it deserves.


The interactive cards you create with Genially can be edited to display any type of multimedia content at the touch of a button: an image, a GIF, a video... you can even activate an audio. Just imagine! You can give your greeting a soundtrack or record a nice voice message.


What’s more, Genially templates include fun animations that catch everyone’s eye and that you can edit however you like.

There are many reasons to create interactive cards. Whether you want to create a personalized birthday card, online invitations to your next event, or Christmas greetings: interactive cards are much more exciting than paper cards or any static image. 


And, online cards are eco-friendly, much cheaper, and easier to send. And if you make a mistake, it’s okay: you can edit the content as many times as you want, and people will always see the latest version.


What will you create? An online invitation? Virtual congratulations? Original wedding invitations? The editable card templates you find in Genially are original, just like you, and are perfect for surprising your family or friends. 


Unleash your creativity and surprise the people in your life with one of these free interactive cards: there are interactive birthday cards, interactive invitation templates, Christmas card templates, interactive love letters... And if you’re organizing an event, you can also create great invitations with these templates. Genially’s customizable cards are perfect for creating a personalized invitation or celebrating any special occasion with your loved ones.

We’ve got good news! Creating digital interactive cards is much easier than you think, and you don’t need to know how to code or have prior knowledge. Genially has templates for creating your wedding cards, Valentine’s Day cards, or invitations. There are hundreds of professional designs for creating digital invitations or virtual cards with whatever message you want, in minutes. 


It's this easy:


  1. 1. Create your free Genially account in minutes. Log in and choose the template you want. There are free birthday cards, Christmas card templates, even interactive study cards, or flashcards! Use the search bar to find what you need.


  1. 2. Create your card. Add your texts, images, videos, or audios with the Genially Editor, by dragging and dropping whatever you like. You can import content from the web or upload visual resources from your computer. 


  1. 3. Customize your design and let your creativity flow. You can modify fonts, colors... whatever you want! 


  1. 4. Make it interactive. Bring your digital cards to life with animations, interactive buttons, and multimedia content.  


  1. 5. Share your card! By publishing your genially, an exclusive link is generated for that creation. You can share your creation by email or on your social media, or send the link via Whatsapp. It’s time to surprise and amaze!