Environment and Sustainability Templates

Want to help save the planet? In this collection of environment and sustainability themed templates you’ll find everything you need. There are templates on recycling and conservation, renewable energies, the human impact on the planet, and more. Choose a template, customize it, and share your creation. All together for a greener planet!

We are visual beings. The first step in promoting your message is to attract your audience's attention. With our environmental designs, transforming information, data, and statistics into eye-catching visual stories is a piece of cake. 


In order to spread your message about the importance of caring for the environment, sustainable development, or alternative energy, you need to engage audiences with your content and inspire people to take action. Genially's templates are packed with interactive elements and engaging animation effects that drive clicks, attract people to your cause, and encourage them to take an active role. 


Whether you want to promote recycling, biodiversity conservation, or the fight against climate change, our templates will help you achieve your goal. And if you're looking for environmental design ideas, this is a great place to start.

To begin, choose the template that best fits your project. There are all kinds of templates: interactive environmental posters, anti-pollution templates, environmental presentations, flyers, infographics...  


All of the templates are designed to help convey messages about recycled materials, energy savings, carbon emissions, saving natural resources, using sustainable materials, and more.


Once you’ve chosen your template, you can customize it however you like. Add your own text, information, and data to make your cause stand out. What’s more, Genially allows you to add multimedia content in any format: images, videos, audios, etc. You can also insert social media posts or include links to other websites.


Edit the interactive icons to add more layers of information. Interactivity allows you to break down ideas to make them easier to read and understand. Tooltips, pop-up windows, and other interactive effects surprise your audience and allow them to explore the content at their own pace.


Animated elements are eye-catching and help you drive audience engagement. 


Once you’ve finished your creation, you can share it super easily. You can post it on your social media, share the link with whoever you want, or present it in your classes or trainings. 


Genially's templates stand out for their versatility; they are true all-rounders! Genially is used by millions of teachers, instructional designers, and professionals from all industries in all types of educational and corporate contexts.


Presenting information in a clear and attractive way is essential to attract the attention of your audience and create impact with your sustainability message. 


Transform a list of environmentally friendly criteria, a presentation on energy sources, or content about damaging chemicals into a mind-blowing interactive and animated creation. With these templates, communicating sustainability policies or promoting green practices in your company has never been easier. 


Other features of the tool such as interactive questions, getting data on audience interaction, or gamification resources also boost the value of the templates in educational, instructional design, or corporate training projects.