Some children in a classroom working with two laptops


School and District Licenses

Get unlimited Genially access for all staff and students in your school, district, or trust. Become a Genius Center to enjoy site-wide benefits and save 40% compared to individual plans.

A group of children working with their laptops


Make personalized learning a standard

Differentiated learning

Deliver tailor-made learning experiences adapted to the needs of all student populations and learning styles.



Promote inclusion and ensure that materials are compatible with assisted technologies and diversity in cognitive processing.


Student choice

Empower learners to choose which format they prefer. Create self-paced, multimodal resources with audio, text, and visual inputs.

A Genially tool composition that visualizes interactive questions and collaborative editing


Streamline the creation of resources

Increase efficiencies

Reduce prep time for teachers, with a bank of living resources that can be easily customized, re-used, and shared between departments. 



Roll out standardized learning materials across the school and ensure that content is aligned with your curriculum.



Give teachers their own individual workspaces while maintaining central oversight and secure admin controls.

In interactive questions, the metrics of each person who has responded can be displayed


Real-time learning insights


Built-in engagement analytics make it easier to improve and iterate instructional materials.


Formative assessment

Evaluate needs and understanding with quizzes, games, tests, and self-correct activities.


Close learning gaps

Individual learner tracking helps educators identify where remediation and intervention are needed.

EdTech tools that can be integrated into Genially: Moodle, Flip, Wakelet, Canvas, Maps, Teams, Classroom, and Youtube

Works with your existing EdTech solutions

Embeds and LMS integration allow for a seamless workflow.

Interactive experiences for your entire education community

Explore how Genially enriches teaching, learning, and communication.




Impactful instruction

Genially empowers teachers and curriculum designers to build engaging resources for synchronous and asynchronous modalities, across all subject areas and grade levels.




Multiply results with a site-wide license

Unlimited Genially

Get access to all Genius Plan features, the entire template gallery, and unlimited storage — for all staff.

Free for all students

Every student can use Genially for free. It’s easy for teachers to add students to a classroom workspace.

Professional Development

Encourage tool adoption and skills development with training and support from your dedicated Account Manager.


A school or district-wide license saves you 40-60% compared to purchasing individual plans.

Secure Controls & SSO

Genially is Ferpa Coppa and GDPR compliant, with permissions controls and Single Sign On (SSO) availability.

Design Services

Contract our in-house design team to build tailor-made learning materials for your institution.

Profile image of Megan Bruce, who gives her testimony of using Genially for education

My favorite part of my job is to see students who are reluctant to participate become engaged because they’re having fun learning.

Megan Bruce

Digital Learning Coach, Lone Star High School

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