The tool for creating interactive designs

Your brain is a creativity machine. Genially lets you bring your ideas to life using animation and interactive design. Without making your life any harder, and without any programming knowledge.

Genially Brain Illustration

When you use Genially, you get these extra powers

More attention, participation, retention

You know more than anyone that we are visual beings. In addition to design, we’re fascinated by neuroscience and communication experiences. That’s why everything you create in Genially is visual and interactive. Because if your content is made to engage, it’s sure to succeed

Genially Collab


Bring creative minds together

Genially is built for collaboration. Co-edit designs in real time, share brand assets and team templates, and manage multiple projects in your team workspace.

Launch your work among the stars

Genially makes your creative work shine. Whether you work as a team or as a freelancer. It’s the perfect fit for curious people looking for new solutions.

Designer working on laptop


Animate and add interactivity with no programming necessary

Forget the idea that you need to know how to program to create interactive designs. Use Genially to create an interactive image, portfolio, or interactive microsite without programming anything. Already have the material ready? Bring it to life with Genially in a few simple steps.

Brand Kit Illustration


Take the brand image with you wherever you go

Apply the corporate logo, colors, images, and fonts so that the designs are aligned with the brand image. You can also add your own photos, GIFs, or illustrations, or use the ones provided in the Editor to go faster.

Designer creating a genially on the cloud


Forget about compressing heavy files

Everything you create in Genially is viewed and shared with a link. This makes it super easy! When you edit a creation, changes are automatically saved. So forget having to send a final copy ever again, and save time not worrying about whether a Wetransfer link will expire.

Templates to give you a head start

Using templates like these is great to get inspired and work faster. Try it!

Personal brand


Personal brand

There are a lot of ways to make your portfolio, but none are as fast and effective as with this template.



Photo of Guillermo Verdejo for his testimony in support of using Genially for business

Genially’s interactivity helps us highlight the most important content, putting the focus on the parts we want emphasized.

Logo Jeff

Guillermo Verdejo

Video Editors Team Lead, Jeff

Genially and your tools


Genially + your tools

The programs you use on a daily basis are good companions for Genially. Insert resources from your favorite resource banks and take advantage of integrations with social media, websites, and platforms like Behance to show your creations to the world.