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How The Modern Kids & Family streamlines content creation with Genially

The Modern Kids & Family is a marketing agency geared toward children and family audiences that uses visual and interactive content to connect with its target audience. Genially's ease of use and template offerings help them streamline the task.

Pioneer in the industry

It is the first marketing agency to specialize in children, teenagers, and families.

Think while playing

To connect with their young audience, they use a method they call 'Think while playing'.

And the winner is…

Their campaigns have won the 'Chupete Prize’ for children's communication several times, among others.

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The challenge

To create original content

To meet the needs of its clients, the TMKF team needs to create gamified activities, infographics, videos, and presentations that are geared toward children and youth audiences.


Their 3 wishes: they needed a tool that was easy to use, whose creations could be adapted to the identity of each client, and in which they could include their own resources and illustrations in each creation.

Genially Templates

The solution

Autonomy, inspiration, and speed

The tool recommended by the TMKF team's pedagogy expert, Genially, surprised them with just how easy and intuitive it was to use. 


Anyone on the team can create content in any format, without the need for programming or video editing skills. The templates are very useful for finding inspiration and solutions whenever you need to create new things.


Improved productivity

Team members work autonomously and are self-taught, which speeds up the content creation process.

Time saving

Changes are made in seconds and there is no need to export the content again.  This allows them to save many hours of work.

Better organization

The fact that the entire team can collaborate on the creation of content makes it possible to better distribute tasks in the agency.

Lucía Hidalgo Gallego, Account Executive, The Modern Kids

I love the template gallery; it’s very inspiring, it gives you lots of ideas for different things you can do, you just think of an activity and find what you need right there.

Logo The Modern Kids & Family

Lucía Hidalgo Gallego

Account Executive at The Modern Kids

Templates like these inspire the teams

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