Solly Azar & Genially

How Solly Azar uses Genially to captivate audiences in their onboarding and training

At Solly Azar, their team of 300 people offers insurance solutions of all kinds. With Genially, they’ve managed to create an engaging and effective onboarding system to guide new recruits and engage them in their company training.

300,000 clients

With a wide range of needs rely on Solly Azar for protection.

Since 1977

They have been offering all types of insurance for more than 40 years.

Outstanding service

Clients rate Solly Azar's service a 9.2/10.

Photo montage of 3 photos, one of a computer with hands resting on top of each other, one with a laptop with Genially open and one with two people looking at a computer.

The challenge

To stand out and engage

In a team as large as Solly Azar's, activity is constant. Having a fun onboarding flow to guide new recruits and differentiate themselves from the competition is essential. 


Another challenge they face is that the internal training team has a whole lot of information to communicate. They continually need new ideas to engage employees with more appealing and enjoyable training sessions.

A montage of several people collaboratively editing a Genially tool creation.

The solution

Create interactive experiences

The Solly Azar team has found an intuitive solution, which doesn’t require any training or tutorials. The large number of templates available and the tool's useful features are a great help to them when creating the resources they need.


The interactive and visual content they create with Genially is what they need to build loyalty with new hires, engage employees with their training, and differentiate themselves from the competition.


Great feedback

They receive very positive feedback on their onboarding and training.

A loyal team

Genially has proven a real asset for building loyalty among new recruits.


They can rise above the noise and stand out from their competitors.

Tiphaine NOGE

I would recommend Genially to trainers and HR teams who want to engage their teams and communicate key messages effectively.

Solly Azar

Tiphaine NOGE

Chargée de recrutement

Explore this genially created by Solly Azar

It’s full of interactivity and tons of creativity