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How Noddus’ audience engagement has skyrocketed with Genially

Noddus creates and distributes online content that helps brands boost their visibility and build trust. To achieve this, they needed to find a way to make their content stand out. Thanks to Genially, they can differentiate themselves from the competition by creating interactive experiences in the blink of an eye.

Big brands

Noddus creates content for well-known brands in different sectors: Toyota, Samsung, Stellantis Group, and Porcelanosa.

Innovative content

Their design team creates hundreds of interactive content experiences every month to embed in their editorial pieces.


Noddus has teams in Spain, Italy, and Mexico, and plans to expand in the near future.

Image showing the function of the Genially tool, branding kit

The challenge

Rise above the usual noise

To differentiate themselves and improve their audience engagement rate, Noddus needed to go above and beyond the usual text-image-video standard. They were searching for a platform that would allow them to create interactive content quickly.  


Other requirements: flexibility to adapt their creations to the needs and branding of each client, ease of use, and good data collection features.

Interactive image in the Genially tool

The solution

Create interactive experiences

The Noddus team discovered just how easy it is to insert any format in their content, edit it, add animations, and make it interactive. There are so many resources that creative possibilities are endless.


With Genially, content is no longer static but becomes an experience thanks to the interactivity. They can create infographics and interactive images using templates or starting from scratch. It’s exactly what they need to create original content.


Interaction boost

Interactive content has allowed them to increase their audience engagement rate from very low to near 100%. 

Increased sales

It’s much easier to close business deals with brands when they show them interactive and animated content created with Genially.

Improved productivity

Collaborative editing and being able to get the whole team working together in the same platform helps them work in a simpler, more productive way.

Héctor Omar Martín, Content Manager at Noddus

It is the Swiss Army Knife of design; suitable for anyone, whether professional or more amateur. I would recommend Genially to any professional in the advertising, editorial, or marketing industries. But especially to beginners with business or personal brands, because it is so easy to use.


Héctor Omar Martín

Content Manager at Noddus

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