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How San José Jesuit College fosters inclusion in the classroom with Genially

San José Jesuit College is based on an always-evolving educational model. With Genially, they’re able to create motivational materials for all educational stages and help students with hearing and learning difficulties to better understand the information.

Settings standards since 1881

Since then, its pedagogical model based on social transformation has continued to evolve.

Inclusive education

Since 2018, they are a preferred center for hearing-impaired students.

Bilingual education

With native speaking conversation assistants at each level, because languages are mastered through speaking.

Interactive illustration of a class in Genially tool

The challenge

Motivate students with adaptable resources

This school not only seeks to offer innovative learning experiences. As a preferred school for students with hearing difficulties, it must offer visual content that facilitates comprehension.


For this reason, they needed an easy way to create visual materials and resources that were intuitive and adaptable to every need. The objective? Helping each student reach their full potential.

Interactive illustration of the human body in the tool Genially

The solution

Inclusive learning for all ages

Teachers at all levels use Genially to create teaching materials. They can easily customize templates to provide students with content that motivates them and helps them to understand the information. 


They now offer a better learning experience for students with special needs and hearing difficulties, while promoting the integration of all students. 


Unlimited motivation

Interactive content draws on the way students learn and their interests.

Visual content

Inclusive content enhances learning for students with special needs or hearing impairments.

Speed of creation

Teachers can create resources quickly or reuse geniallys made by other team members, saving time and effort.

Image of Berta Melgosa Arts and Social Sciences Teacher and Head of Studies for Infant and Primary Education at San José Jesuit College

At the beginning of the day, each teacher presents the day's or week's activities at school in their classroom, and does so through a very visual and interactive genially. This is very motivating for the students.

Logo San José Jesuitas

Berta Melgosa

Arts and Social Sciences Teacher and Head of Studies for Infant and Primary Education at San José Jesuit College

Templates like these inspire the teams:

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