Intel® Skills for Innovation: Learning experiences for a tech-based future

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How can teachers prepare young people for a future in which technology impacts every aspect of their lives? That’s the challenge and mission behind the Intel® Skills for Innovation (SFI) Initiative.


Intel® SFI provides educators with professional development training and resources to help get students ready for a workplace driven by technology. Discover how the Intel® team are using tools like Genially to build interactive, experiential learning materials for the program.


A future-oriented skillset and mindset

The goal of the Intel® SFI initiative is to prepare students for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” It’s a revolution that’s guiding us towards a future based on cyber-physical systems, AI, robotics, automation, and increased human-machine connectivity according to the World Economic Forum


The program helps teachers adapt to these changes by upskilling and adopting new technology in the classroom. The aim is to help both students and educators develop “new skillsets and new mindsets,” say the Intel® team.

This interactive resource for Middle School Physics was created in Genially. It teaches students about the turning effects of forces and how to create a prototype with the 3D modeling software Autodesk Fusion 360.

Tackling real world problems in the classroom

From how to analyze fake news with natural language processing to coding a chatbot that speaks like Lady Macbeth, the Intel® SFI Starter Pack Library gives educators 140+ hours of curriculum-mapped resources for STEM, Languages, and Humanities. 


Each resource is ready-to-use and designed in line with current education trends including Artificial Intelligence, the Metaverse, Esports, and blended learning.


This multimedia deck teaches Elementary students how to use the 5W1H model to abstract information and record their own green screen news video. 

Luigi Pessina

“Genially offers distinct advantages over traditional learning formats by providing interactive, visually appealing content that enhances engagement and comprehension.”

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Luigi Pessina

Director, Education Programs and Strategy at Intel®

Helping teachers adopt new technology

When putting together the SFI Planning Toolkit and Starter Pack, the Intel® Skills for Innovation team found that Genially offered a more engaging and dynamic alternative to static slides. It allowed them to combine video, animations, pop-up text, and images in one rich-media resource.


Because the Starter Pack is designed to help educators and students adopt new technology, Genially’s features were helpful for building step-by-step software simulations. Using screenshots of the interface and interactive hotspots, the team was able to guide learners through how to use new tools.


“Genially’s versatility and customization options enable educators to tailor materials to diverse learning needs, while its cloud-based platform ensures easy accessibility and sharing,” says Luigi Pessina, Director of Education Programs and Strategy at Intel®. “Genially promotes digital literacy and creativity, equipping students with essential skills for the future workforce.”

This learning experience introduces High School students to the concepts of Pathos, Logos, and Ethos. Through a series of interactive activities, students learn how to employ persuasive marketing techniques using Chat GPT.

Machine Learning for kids

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that uses data and algorithms to teach systems to learn like humans. And it’s now a part of the Elementary school curriculum in the US and other countries.


The Intel® SFI team used Genially to create this engaging resource that shows children how to build a machine that can recognize emotions.


With a multimedia format including video, music, text and images, students learn how to build their own model with the educational coding program Scratch.

Decision-making + AI video games

This ready-to-use teaching deck introduces High School students to Artificial Intelligence, gameplay theory, and the concept of choice versus calculation in decision making.


Students explore how AI can be used in role-playing with AI Dungeon, a text-generated adventure game.


Video, interactive diagrams, and annotated images show students how to navigate the AI Dungeon interface.

Margaret Purdue

“Not only does Genially help to create a more engaging learning experience for students, but it provides an easy and accessible way for educators to start to integrate technology into their day-to-day classroom.”

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Margaret Purdue

Intel® SFI Community Manager

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