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The most comprehensive solution for e-learning

The new Author plan makes Genially the perfect authoring tool for exploring, learning and gamifying.

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Outstanding features

All the Master benefits

Unleash your full potential with all the features of the Master plan

Full translation with AI

Text editing and translation of interactive creations

LTI Integrations

Publish learning resources directly in your LMS with LTI

Version history

Review and retrieve previous versions and track the actions of your creations

Dynamic SCORM

SCORM content, always up to date with dynamic SCORM

Domain restrictions

Limit access to certain domains and invite people to view your creation

Cover page

Instructional design, Genially style


Create customized content and keep it updated with very little effort, share it securely, and assess its impact without leaving Genially. 


These are some of the advantages of the Author plan, in addition to all the Premium features of Genially.


Let AI lend you a helping hand


> Edit texts

AI simplifies lengthy texts, corrects spelling, and gives your content the right tone.


> Translate interactive creations

Two clicks and your designs can be read anywhere in the world. Translate into over one hundred languages automatically, maintaining all the interactivity.


Energize your trainings with live results


> Present interactive activites that involve your audience.

Brainstorm sessions, surveys, or quizzes. Display the results live to increase audience engagement. You can create:


- Surveys and polls

- Q&A and feedback

- Quizzes and rankings


Assess the impact of your training resources without leaving Genially


> Activity Overview

Explore the general metrics of your creation and discover the number of overall visits it has received, views per page, or clicks on each interactive element. 


> Individual Activity

View metrics for each individual person who accesses your genially. Discover data such as the number of visits, the date of first access, or the number of page views, as well as the responses to your interactive questions. 


Work as a team and make the most of your resources


> Genially is built for teams

With live co-editing and shared workspaces. Keep everyone in sync, quickly QA content, and close the gap between ideation and signoff.


- Spaces and folders

- Brand kit and team templates

- Premium templates

- Real-time collaborative work


Connect your learning platforms


> SCORM content, always updated with Dynamic SCORM

Edit embedded resources as SCORM packages directly in the Editor, with no need to download and replace them in your LMS with each update.


> Publish resources directly in your LMS with LTI

LTI connection makes publishing your materials even quicker and more secure. Share your creations without leaving Genially


Manage access to your creations


> Limit access to specific domains

Decide from which pages or platforms your creation will be accessible, or release it for the whole world to see.


> Invite specific people to view you creation

Share your resources with a group of students, with your department, or with a single client. Now you can selectively share your creations.


Access Genially with Single Sign On



> Simple and secure registration and access

Facilitate access to Genially with your organization's credentials, no need to create different usernames and passwords.


Collaborate in a secure and transparent way


> Review and restore previous versions

Explore the different versions of a genially or restore a previous version in seconds with Version History. Your work and that of your team is safer than ever.


> Track the actions in your creation

See when it was created or moved and by which team member. Identify best practices, improve productivity, and organize your workspace with the Action History.






Compare plans

The Master plan allows you to unleash your full potential while the Author plan is the most complete solution for e-learning.

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Eli Martinez testimony in support of Genially for business use

Genially is an intuitive tool that has radically transformed how we show what we do.


Eli Martínez

Digital Specialist, AON

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