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Creating an amazing digital guide is easy with Genially, the online tool for creating interactive and animated microsites, catalogs and other guides. Your guide’s main menu makes discovering content intuitive.

All kinds of interactive guides

Genially's guides go beyond travel guides. They’re a format that succeeds in any context.


Corporate Guide

Imagine your company’s corporate guide in a format that’s professional and polished. Make it happen with Genially.




Make a genially, not boring content

More and more people are discovering that their content stands out when they use Genially. That’s even truer with interactive guides. Making a genially with microsite navigation is a breeze.

Logo of the company Orange, which uses Genially
Logo of Telefónica, company using Genially
Université Gustave Eiffel
Logo of Lafarge Holcim, which uses Genially
Columbia University logo, example of the use of Genially for universities
Logo of the company Aon, client of Genially
Logo of the company Santillana, using Genially
Volkswagen company logo, using Genially

Steps to create a genially

Step 1

Create content starting from a Genially template


Step 1: Choose an awesome template

The first step to success is to choose a great template. Think about the theme of your content and explore the most creative guide templates. You can also start with a blank canvas.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Collage of presentation pages from the Illustration section, examples of community creations


Looking for guide examples? Look no further

Take a look at the microsites, catalogs, and manuals created by the Genially community. They'll leave you speechless. If you're going to create something similar, reuse the ones you like the most.

An interactive guide is online content that allows you to navigate through it with a menu or index. Genially's interactivity is great for allowing each person to interact with the information at their own pace, independently. Making your guide effective is easy if you organize the content well.

There are many types of guides depending on their purpose. There are corporate guides, educational guides, brand identity guides, tourist guides, as well as manuals and catalogs. At Genially, any content you have in mind can become a guide if you use a microsite-like navigation structure.

That depends on the subject the guide covers. You should structure the information with your audience’s needs in mind. A good practice is to include an index or menu to help you quickly find information, such as when you access a website.

At Genially, you will find a section dedicated entirely to guides. There are thousands of templates with highly visual and attractive designs, tailored to current trends and designed to succeed. Choose the one you like most, and edit it to your liking. Your interactive guide will be ready to share with the world in no time.

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At 360Learning we use and recommend Genially for an innovative and effective learning experience.

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